Branko Djordjevic was born on the 20.06.1979 in Serbia. He started playing accordion as a folk musician at the age of eight, switched piano accordion with a button, free – bass accordion and genre from folk to classical, and has played across Europe and China, both solo, as a soloist with an orchestra and as a member of an ensemble, since. Despise his young age, Branko was taking chance on many different competitions and many times got lucky. Like, f.ex. :


1995 & 1996. Castel Fiddardo, Italy – first place (in a category with no age limit);

1996. Dyremose Prisen, Denmark – first place;

1996. Kragujevac, Serbia – special price (”for an outstanding performance”);

1997. Klingenthal, Germany – first place;

2002. Coupe Moundiale, Denmark – for the best performance of the test piece – B. Lorentzens “Circus”, etc.


Branko finished his education at “The Carl Nielsen Academy of Music”, Denmark with prof. Owen Murray (Royal Academy of Music, London) as a teacher. While student, he was chosen several times to represent the Academy on different occasions, like when Her Majesty, Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark visited the University of South Funen.

He received many scholarships during studying – “The Odd Fellow Lounge”, “The Augustinus Foundation” and United Academies of Music in Denmark reward, “Foundation from 1989”, as some of them and a prestigious award and titel, “The Citizen of the World”.

In June 2003 during a concert in “The Dukes Hall”, London, Branko played a premiere of “Metamorphoses of a Sigh” – Sonata in one movement by Timothy Bowers, with great success and the piece became a classic repertoire of accordion players all over. Besides this, “Den Fynske Opera” have engaged this young musician, among five others, to play a premiere of “Fyrtøjet” – experimental opera by a Danish composer, Bo Jaeger. And this is just a small part of repertoire written for this ambitious musician who has contacts with both domestic and foreign contemporary music composers (Timothy Bowers, Axel Borup-Jørgensen, Lars Graugaard, etc.). As a culmination of this cooperation, Branko will play a premiere of an accordion concerto by Bent Lorentzen with Odense Symphony Orchestra at fall, 2006.

Through the years on stage, this talented musician was engaged to play, and took part, too, in master classes with some extraordinary and inspiring musicians as prof. Teodoro Anzelloti, prof. Radomir Tomic, prof. Elsbeth Moser, violinist Fernando Suarez Paz, etc. who had a big influence on Brankos artistic development.

Branko belongs to a very ambitious musicians kind, which means that he is taking part in numerous projects and trying to use as much of his musical talent as possible. Therefore, one can experience lots of Brankos arrangements for many different ensembles that include accordion. He is also an arranger for all of his regular ensembles – duets with violin, viola, cello, clarinet, percussions and guitar. Some of these projects had an international breakthrough, like “Duo Novello” which has been played on many domestic and foreign radio stations since its debut on Danish Radios Chambermusic competition. In last couple of years he started trying his ability out as a composer, too.





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